Brandon Writes

Sore 💪

I mentioned in Getting Back on the Horse that I was restarting my workout routine starting on Sunday. It wasn't my best workout ever, but I made it down the garage and got a good twenty-five minutes in. I kept things rather simple, using mostly bodyweight exercises, and I felt good afterwards. However, I was shocked the following day to wake up sore. I mean, I'm talking this is the sorest I've been since I started working out back in March.

I've been trying to figure out why less than two weeks off of working out would result in such soreness, and the only idea I have is its age related. My body doesn't bounce back as well as it used to, and it just needs a couple of days to adjust. So, instead of working out on Monday, I took the day off, and despite still being sore today, I completed my workout on The Pump app and man I'm I spent! But I feel good. I feel accomplished and I'm glad that I've recommitted to getting healthy.

I've been chatting with Raveen who documents his fitness journey on his blog about a few tips and tricks he's come across that I may give a try. I'm always on the lookout for ways to elevate and find the best workout system for myself.

If anyone ever needs an invite to join The Pump, Arnold Schwarzenegger's workout app let me know. I have several I can give out.

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