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Some Articles Worth Reading I

I'm attempting to cut back on the time I spent online, mainly the time I spend reading low effort posts. By that, I mean news (entertainment, wrestling, sports), reddit posts, comments on pages, etc. This means, I'm now slave to my RSS feed, which I just keep pumping full of blogs and sites that I enjoy so that when I need to kill a little bit of time, I have something worthwhile to read.

With that being said, I realize some of my favorite bloggers post articles they like in a variety of different ways (See: Bix, Colin). It's inspired me to do the same, because I know how much I appreciate the effort these folks put into sharing. It's not going to be a scheduled post, it'll be more like my Personal Site Spotlight, where I just randomly post one whenever I have a dry spell between gushing about whatever randomness is in my head.

-What is my process?
-What defines Sword and Sorcery?
-The Discipline of Action
-We need you, hopepunks
-Better Worlds: a science fiction project
-My 2023 in Review (Best SF Novels, Best SF Short Fiction, and Bonus Categories
-Magellan's Last Days: Lessons from the Death of a Great Explorer
-23 thoughts and lessons from 2023
-The Cost of Being a Wrestling Fan
-Create More, Consume Less
-4 Hopes for 2024
-Heroic Fantasy Films and Television of 1924-1981
-Heroic Fantasy Films and Television of 1982-1989
-50 Amazing Rarely Seen Photos from World War II
-Unusual Boxes and 7,000 Year Old Trove Found Locked in Ice
-Mummified Baboons in Egypt Point to a Long Lost Land
-The Muddled Origins of the Word 'Viking'

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