Brandon Writes

Monday is my Black Friday

Monday is my work's version of Black Friday. It'll be the busiest, most chaotic day of the year, where my workload will increase 20 times. That means, this weekend is my time to relax, especially since the past week has been quite busy.

My wife has a contest she's attending on Saturday, which leaves me all day to relax alone. The plan right now is to get a good workout in, fix myself something yummy to eat, and play a little No Man's Sky. I'm also going to watch something, but I'll wait to see what I'm feeling on Saturday. It might be some 90's sitcoms, maybe a horror movie, or maybe some sci-fi. I REALLY want to finish up 8Strange New Worlds.*

I'm sure I'll tinker around with this blog some more, and I'm also sure I'll do a little writing. I'm still figuring out how much I want to stick on here and whether or not I want to continue showing up in the Discovery feed.

I also picked up Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome. It's my least favorite part of the franchise, but I haven't seen it in years, and I just finished up a recent rewatch of the main series.