Brandon Writes

I've Made a Mess of My Email πŸ“§

So, I have a setup that I'm happy with in regard to my email. I have a domain that I don't use for a website, and I have it set up with my Fastmail account. I create a new alias for whatever I'm logging into, thus creating a bit more separation between my accounts and passwords. For example: or

It's a system that has worked out so well for me, but lately I've made a mess of it.

The problem has arisen with my fondness for the Apple Mail app. I began using it because I like the simplicity of it all, but as you may know you need to register each email alias with the Mail App in order to use it. So, sometimes I get an email and I respond from my Apple Mail App, and I don't realize that I don't have that email registered or it's defaulted to another email, which I'm sure makes my threads horrific to look at since I'm responding from 1-3 different email addresses. What makes things worse is sometimes I'll send an email, and I realize after the fact it’s coming from a new email address, and then I wonder if it got caught up in the spam folder or overlooked. So, then I have to backtrack and send it again, and that's just embarrassing. I’ve had to do that twice this week. 😩

So, I'm going to make a couple of changes. First off, I need to link my main email that I communicate with to the contact form on this website, so I don't always come back with some weird email address. I also need to either sit down and add everything to the Apple Mail client or just go back to using Fastmail all the time. It's probably going to be safer/easier to just swap back to Fastmail.

And finally, last week I took advantage of the sale going on at I've always admired what they are doing over there and figured what the heck, it was seven dollars. Well, that allowed me to join their Instance on Mastodon, so I've created an account there.

Now, I'll be upfront, I have a tendency to get annoyed and delete social media rather quickly, but I'm going to try and leave it open just because I know so many folks like to communicate via it and there's not enough on there to make me feel overwhelmed. So, feel free to follow me over on Mastodon if you hang out there, you can read my mindless thoughts that I send out into the void like everyone else.