Welcome to Brandon’s Mid-Life Reset formerly known as Brandon Writes. My blog is always evolving as my life evolves. That means sometimes I wipe it clear to start fresh with the next chapter. The most recent wipe occurred in May 2023, when I renamed the blog Brandon’s Mid-Life Reset because that is essentially what I was going through.

In my blog, I discuss my life with special attention given to my current fitness and health journey. I’ve also been letting go of some old interests and cultivating some new ones, which I like talking about.

So, a little about me. I turn forty later this year, which is part of the reason why I’ve taken on this desire to be healthier. I’m hoping to undo the neglect I’ve done on my body in my thirties and to become the healthiest I’ve ever been in my forties.

I live in North Carolina, am married to my wonderful wife Brandy, and we have an old dog named Marley who is fifteen going on three.

I enjoy movies, reading, and video games. I’m a big sci-fi fan and am a proud Browncoat, Trekkie, and lover of Babylon 5. When it comes to reading, I enjoy The Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch series, as well as comic books. Currently, I’m enjoying the Ghost Rider, Batman, X-O Man of War, and World’s Finest. Here lately, if you catch me on my Playstation 5 I’m probably playing Mad Max, Powerwash Simulator, or Red Dead Redemption 2.

Recently, I rediscovered my love for hair bands and melodic rock, with a special emphasis on the current music coming mostly out Sweden and Finland. Those guys are still rocking hard, and I love it. Some artists I’m enjoying include Houston, The Night Flight Orchestra, Transworld Identity, Chez Kane, W.E.T, and Crazy Lixx. I’m also enjoying some more recent music from bands like Winger, Heaven’s Edge, and Janet Gardner.

I’m a member of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Pump, which is a fitness app and community that I’m using to get in shape. I’ve been focusing on bodyweight fitness to rebuild some muscle so I can eventually start lifting weights. For cardio, I utilize a punching bag in my garage gym or battle ropes.

I embrace simplicity in all that I do, and I have little interest in over-complicating anything in my life.

Welcome to my site. Please feel free to shoot me an email with any comments at bwcomments (@) fastmail (dot) com or you can find me on the Fediverse at @BrandonWrites@micro.blog and on Instagram.