I don’t like alot of clutter in my apps and that includes my bookmarks. Back to the 90’s, I used to keep my favorites in an email just to cut down the amount of information I had to sort through. I think the problem is sometimes you want to hold onto a site although you know you’ll rarely need it. Or maybe you want to have a quick list of sites to browse while sitting at the doctor’s office.

I’m not a fan of social media, so I try my best to surround myself with quality entertainment. The links you’ll find below are a random assortment of things I’ve saved in my bookmarks or RSS feeds. This page is mainly an archive for myself that allows me to keep my Favorites mostly empty and also a nice suggestion list if you are looking for something new to read. This list needs some major editing and you may find some dead links. I will be updating it soon and adding to it on a regular basis.


Western Musings
Confessions of a Writer of Westerns
Western Fiction Review
Jeff Arnold’s West
Once Upon a Time in a Western

Blog Hosts/Rolls

Midnight Pub
Bear Blog [tiny] Blogroll

Link Directories

Low Tech Webring Directory
Yesterlinks Directory
Peelo Paalu Link Directory


Atlas Obscura


Book Finder
Bulk Resize Photos
Red Dead Redemption 2 Map

Personal Blogs
Stacy’s Blog Has Got It Going On


Hardcore Zen – Buddhist teacher Brad Warner’s blog.
Same Old Zen – Another Buddhist blog I enjoy.


Dinosaur Dracula – I’ve followed Matt’s writing since his X-E days back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I love to let a few posts build up and then bulk read them. I’m also a fan of his podcast, The Purple Stuff Podcast.
Retro-Daze – I’ve written for this site off and on over the years. It’s not in it’s prime, but the archives are full of great posts and occasionally a gem will come out.
Retro Reading Time – A site full of out of print novelizations from various 80’s and 90’s properties.
Nintendo Life – I love their Nintendo news coverage and find their reviews are pretty spot on.
Bloody-Disgusting – A great horror movie news site with usually terrible reviews. Worth visiting for the news updates though.
Blu Ray Release Dates – A breakdown of the upcoming blu-ray release dates.
Big List of Personal Websites
The Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Guide
My Star Wars Life Debt
Farscape Continues

Personal Blogs:
The Simple Site
>Sadgrl Online
44 Nifty
Peelopaalu Paalu Directory
This is a web page.
Resdiscovering the Small Web
Make Frontend Shit Again
I’m a Motherfucking Webmaster
>Design Tenets of My Webpage
The Forrest


Gritty Crime Fiction:
Beat to a Pulp
Pulp Mags
Pulp Magazine Archive

Atlas Obscura
Smithsonian Mag
Candid Slice
Rare Historical Photos
Lost Media Wiki
Historic Mysteries
Mystery Ink
The Fedora Lounge
The 1940’s Experiment
A Hundred Years Ago

Unexplained Mysteries
Ancient Origins
UFO Casebook
Stranger Dimensions

Pro Wrestling Sites:
WrestlingClassics Message Board
WCW Worldwide
JW’s Wrestling Memorabilia
Ring the Damn Bell

TV Show/Movie Fan Sites:
The Myers House
Halloween Movies
Best Care Anywhere
M*A*S*H 4077th
Evil Dead Workshed
Book of the Dead
Highland Worldwide
Soul of Star Trek
My Star Trek Scrapbook
Trek Lit Reviews
The Trek Collective
Star Trek – Sci Fi Blog
My Year of Star Trek
Fan Forum
Dinosaur Dracula
Remember Videos
Windows93 – An Old School Windows Simulator
Packaging Pedia
The Surfing Pizza

Fan Forum
The Winchester Family Business
Goldeneye Dossier
Iconic Alternatives
James Bond Lifestyle

Baseball Parks:
Baseball Pilgrimages
Ballpark Reviews

Buddhism for Beginners
Engaged Dharma
The Zen Site Koan
Zen Koans
The Zennist
Access to Insight
Dharma Talk Books
Study Buddhism
A Spiritual Warrior

Retro Web Design:
Angelfire Graphics Library
Cool Text
Stryker X Base
One Kilobyte in a Digital Age
Cameron’s World
Comic Codes

Writing Web Sites:
Rod Serling on Writing
Devil in the Details

Personal Sites:
Ran Prieur
The Surfing Pizza

Horror Sites:
Too Much Horror Fiction

Information Worth Saving:
Better Explained
How a Car Works
Khan Academy
How to Fix Sore Wrists
Review Meta

Other Sites I Like:
Chief O’Brien at Work
Shadow and Substance
Gamer’s Post
Comic Castle
Online Library
Horror Movie BBQ


Relax Online – Stress Analyst

Fringe Connections