Hello! My name is Brandon and you’ve found my little home here on the web.

I first logged onto the internet sometime around 1995 and I’ve been spending more time than I should online ever since. I started messing around with web design in the late 90’s and started blogging regularly around 2005. Over the years, I’ve created dozens of blogs which I’ve quickly abandoned after having a change of heart or running out of ideas. A couple of years ago, I figured it was time to slap my name on a blog and keep it simple that way people who just wanted to read my more personal posts would have a permanent way to find them.

What is Brandon Writes?

I’m one of those guys who believes social media is one of the worse things to happen to mankind. In fact, I’m starting to believe the internet may be too. Nonetheless, I don’t participate in social media anymore so this blog is my way of connecting with my friends and family as well as serving as a creative outlet for me. My posts vary from random thoughts on life to a sounding board when I need to vent.

If you are more interested in my thoughts on pop culture, be sure to check out Middle-Aged Fat Kids. A fun website I run with one of my oldest friends.