House Hunting, Back Problems, and TESD

Six months ago, I moved into my apartment that I’ve spent more than enough time complaining about on here. Needless to say, it’s not ideal. Prior to the pandemic, my wife and I were saving up to buy a house. We got rid of our debt and started building a savings, and then she was laid off and things crumbled. By the time we got back on track, the housing market was out of control. So, we’ve been waiting, and hoping for a relief in the prices and it seems like they’ve come. While the prices aren’t plummeting, they are coming down and the houses are sitting on the market a bit longer than a few hours.

Last weekend, we decided to start taking some steps towards buying a home. We did some driving around town to eliminate some towns that weren’t a good fit for our jobs/lifestyle and helped get a grasp on what type of home we could afford. Sadly, the dreams of owning a detached home anywhere near where we live now and where we wish to stay is out of the picture. So that means a townhome, or we add a long commute and get a house. As of right now, we are leaning towards a townhome, which wasn’t even up for consideration before we started looking last week.

We met with a lender on Wednesday and got a pre-approval letter. Tonight, we will speak with a realtor. I knew someone at a previous job who worked part-time as a realtor so I’m hoping she can answer a few questions and guide us in the right direction before we start making some big choices and commitments.

This type of stuff stresses me out. I’ve always had a problem with moving and feeling insecure in where I live, which I’ve traced back to getting kicked out of the house a couple of times in my younger days. But I can’t keep paying these rising rent costs and the stress of noisy neighbors, noisy roads, and smelly neighbors has just become too much.

Hopefully, things will work out and we will make a great decision regarding our future.

House hunting isn’t the only reason why my blogging has slowed the last couple of weeks, I’m also dealing with some severe back issues. I’ve struggled with back problems for fifteen years or so, but some stretching, the occasional popping, and regular trips to the chiropractor have kept things at bay. But something has happened the last couple of weeks and now I’m dealing with consistent pain. The trip to the chiropractor didn’t alleviate my symptoms, which is a first and is a bit scary. I’m doing what I can to properly support my back, sit with good posture, and ice it. I even went as far as to buy one of those cheesy posture corrector harnesses in the hope I can improve my posture since that seems to lessen the pain.

It’s my busy period at work and will be for the next month. The back problem is not ideal when I need to constantly stand, bend, and lift heavy objects, but I’m managing.

I’ve been drained physically from the pain and mentally from all the house hunting, but I’ve managed to lean into listening to Tell Em Steve Dave, which continues to be a great source of joy in my life. I know everyone has their favorite podcasts, and this one is mine. I see various aspects of my personality in all three hosts and it is the type of show that once it’s over you can’t help but feel good. Every episode has a bust out funny moment or six for me and it really grounds me. It reminds me that life should not be taken too seriously. That is something I need to consistently be reminded.

Well, I just wanted to pop in with an update of some sort. I still have some things pre-written and a few that need some finishing touches for Middle-Aged Fat Kids. So, swing over there if ya get a chance.

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