Angelfire Classic Member Directory

One site I like to occasionally visit is the Angelfire Classic Member Directory. This site is a very simple collection of old school Anglefire websites from the 90’s and early 2000’s. The other day, I spent a hour browsing through one category and decided to collect some of the sites I enjoyed the most. They mostly reflect sites that I would have visited back in the day or still find interesting today.

The Drive-In Trader

The Home Improvement Zone

The Big Screen

American Beauty

80’s Karma

How to Make a Website

Totally Titanic

Notes from the 80’s

Charmed World

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

Totally Hot 80’s

The X-Files Connection

Lincoln’s Trip to Dawson’s Creek

Welcome to Mars’ James Bond Page: 007 on the Web

Callisto’s Roswell Page

Silent Bob and Jay

Disinterested Employee Bible

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