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Earlier today, I was working on a writing project when I needed a quote from a television show. My go-to for such a request is IMDB, which sadly no longer promotes their quotes section and I believe it may be phased out with the next update. The quote in question was not there, so I visited the dedicated Wiki for the television show. I didn’t have the quote nor did the regular Wiki. I decided to give it a DuckDuckGo search and I found an archived Geocities page full of quotes from the series.

Amongst this massive page was tons of quotes from almost every episode that had aired for nine seasons. It was wonderful and I was able to pull exactly what I needed from it.

The page I found was The King of the Hill Information Site, a fan page that looks like it was last updated in 2006. This fan has article archives, minor cast voice actor pages, info on the writers, and more. This was the type of detail that I LOVED from old fan pages. You could tell the page was a passion project by someone who truly loved the material they were writing about. Those quotes were most likely typed while playing back episodes recorded from the TV or on DVD. That’s dedication.

I really, really miss pages like this. Pages that exist almost like of a book of knowledge. The content is just as relevant today as it was in 2006. I think the invention of Wiki’s made people think that fanpages were useless, but when I see something like The King of the Hill Information Site it makes me wonder. I book marked the site and spent quite a while exploring all the in’s and out’s and I love that about web 1.0 sites. It was sort of what I was hoping to accomplish previously with my blog. Just a place to explore and dig around.

I’m thankful for all the folks who archived the Geocities sites and I’m glad I can still find Angelfire and Tripod sites online. Those deep dives are a lot of fun and I mourn all the exciting, creative, and informative sites we’ve lost in our transition to Web 2.0 over the years.

Once I get my Links page up and going, I have a list of old web 1.0 sites still online as a category.

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